Menstrual Taboo: Bleed out the nonsense


Let me begin by telling you all about a compelling process that happens all around the world, constantly. It’s an age-old story without which human and primate existence would not have been possible.

It begins when every month or so the uterus goes through changes in the endometrium, the cellular lining within its cavity, for it to prepare nurture a probable conceptus (fertilized ovum or zygote),which if the odds favor, may turn out to be a human baby one day. But the sad part in this story, withrelation to the readily awaiting endometrium, is that the ovum is not always fertilized. So the poorendometrium which used up so much protein and nutrientsfor it to thicken up,under the influence of hormones, sheds itself and bleeds out through the vaginal orifice. The process repeats itself after almost a month. This, my friends, as you may have already guessed, is…

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