What Every Nepali needs to know about getting petrol or LP gas from China during the petrol crisis

The Sacrament of the Goddess - a Novel of Nepal

Annaupurna. Every Nepali knows that the mountains are there. I was once told that when a Nepali child asks their mother “what’s on the other side?” the answer is “Nothing. those mountains are the end of the world.” on the other side is Tibet.

It’s not going to happen.

गर्जने बादल वर्षदैन!

For a month now, since the Terai Andolan decided to block petrol supplies to Kathmandu, I’ve been reading short news articles or tweets or FaceBook posts saying China had already lined up hundreds of gas bullets or petrol trucks, and they were waiting at the border. Or maybe that NOC was now going to negotiate with China. Or something like that.

Click here for one from The Kathmandu Post, just yesterday. The link was sent to me by a USA expat who said “See! There will be petrol here! Soon!”

Ummmm, no.

Talking about it does not…

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