Donate- Be it blood or books

Time flies! It feels like only yesterday we had started our community based youth club and now it’s nearly one year. After few programs that went on with full enthusiasm, we kind of remained stagnant. However unchanged our motivation might be, we couldn’t engage in any kind of programs due to our own busyness. Most of our club members had started job, few started internship and some went for abroad studies. It was our dear friend +Arjan KC who would post cool stuffs occasionally on our facebook group to engage us. He would also tweak our blog and it would make me guilty about not being able to give time to our club.

One good thing about our community is that we have full support from our older generation’s club. So when there are some programs to be organised, they reach us. This year too, Shyama Shyama Co-operative wanted to organize a blood donation program on the occasion of their 6th anniversary. They called me one late evening in their meeting to talk about the donation event. Having organised it previously, we were quite confident we could do this easily.

The event went well. However the donors were less than expected. This could be due to the chilly weather whole day. Also, maybe we didn’t go for house-to-house invitation (we had sent the invitation via sms, which was way easy, practical and less time consuming). Apart from the blood donation, we also had a book donation program. +Arjan KC  participated in the startup weekend only to get awesome ideas, good networking and a good platform to venture his ideas. He had teamed up with other guys he met at the Sartup weekend. As a result, there was a blue bin saying “books for all” where few people donated books.

Overall, the program went well. We hadn’t seen our club members in weeks and thanks to this program we were able to do so. I donated my blood for the very first time! I coaxed myself repeatedly saying “My blood can save someone’s life” (only to discover later it can save up to 4 lives! It seems I did not read those pamphlets carefully. Sigh.) Also we had a bonfire later like we always do after the end of the event. Looks like bonfire will be the tradition of Chentansheel Yuwa Samuha 😀

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