Space Age Is An Old-School Adventure Built For Mobile


Space Age gameSpace Age is an old-school adventure game built for the iPhone and iPad by the developers of The Incident.

It takes place in an alternate timeline where humanity (in 1976) has achieved the fantasy of the 50s: putting people on another planet. It’s almost overwhelming with the amount of nostalgia it inspires, an impressive feat considering the fact that I wasn’t alive when the games, movies, or comics that clearly inspired it were popular.

You play as the youngest member of a group sent to explore a planet with alien life. At first, things are pretty calm. You learn the basic controls by finding the rest of your team and collecting some Nucleum, a material that’s rare elsewhere but so bountiful on this planet that it crunches under your feet as you walk.

It soon becomes clear that your team is not the only intelligent life on the planet. As…

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