Where the hungry children cried !



Where flowers bloom and trees grow overnight,
Parks and modern buildings also come into sight
Oh!  the black topped roads, what a wonderful ride,
even the dark nights, like the days turn to be bright
How did this happen, I asked as I was surprised
Was it a Genie, who used all it’s might?
They told me, kathmandu has been Narendra ‘Modi’ fied..
A beautiful celestial Kathmandu, wherever the big man will stride
I wondered,what to show off and what to hide,
Are they so unaware of the common Nepali’s plight?
If this magic occurs wherever he plied,
take him to the real Nepal far and wide..
Into the places where the hungry children cried
As the helpless mother patiently lied
with a clogged heart and eyes dried
hoping that their life changes tonight
As somewhere, trees grow overnight
big buildings,parks, roads come into sight..
take him to the real…

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