Odysee Automatically Saves Your Mobile Photos And Videos To Your Home PC


A new application launching today called Odysee offers a different way for consumers to back up photos and videos from their smartphones. Instead of backing up to the cloud, which can be both pricey and sometimes even insecure, with Odysee, content is backed up to your home computer. For free! Well, it’s free until next year when the $5/year pricing plan kicks in.

It’s like iCloud without the monthly fees, in a way.

(iCloud, of course, handles more than photos and videos – but it’s this content that tends to eat up a lot of your iCloud storage space, as you probably know.)

The startup was founded by Raghavan Menon and Shiva Javalagi, both of whom have a background in networking, algorithms, caching and embedded software. Menon previously co-founded Ingot Systems, which was acquired by Virage Logic (later acquired bySynopsys). While Odysee is a bit different from that business which…

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