Online mushroom course

wow! great opportunity for Nepalese farmers!! 🙂

च्याउ प्रविधि अनुसन्धान तथा विकास केन्द्र, नेपाल

Free Mushroom Farming Online Course

Youth unemployment in Nepal is at an all-time high. We are losing a large chunk of our labor force, during its prime and most productive years, to some other country due to lack of a better opportunity here at home. Most youths going overseas for jobs are rural youths involved in agriculture. These youths leave Nepal primarily for two reasons: 1) They don’t see their future and pride in agriculture and 2) They lack the necessary skills and education to become employed in other sectors in Nepal. The best and the easiest way to stop this mass exodus is to initiate a nationwide program to address the above mentioned two reasons.
This course will provide basic understanding of mushroom cultivation through various phases involved in its farming. To better comprehend the steps, videos are uploaded along with the theoretical content. Test will be administered at…

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