Last winter and our blood donation program

It was a great success back then and a perfect way to kick off our club. Although we had carried out some programs in our own efforts, this was the first we got involved with other organization for collaboration in the community. The program was well appeased and we were able to fulfill red cross’s quota for the blood collection.
Infact it went great! The funds acquired were well utilized and overall we performed beyond expectations. Credit must go out to the funder Shyama Shyam Savings and Credit Co-operative Limited, the community members for participating and taking heed of our invitation and mostly to the club members for their undithered determination and constant efforts to make the program a success!! Amazing it was the whole day and days to come after that.. and amazing it is till now.. that is why I write on it! 🙂
Anyways.. the success of the program can be attributed to the ingredients mentioned above, if we can recreate that then we can flutter our flags again. Funds, community and club. These three ingredients make a perfect mixture for collaborative development.
This dheusi bhailo is one of the chances that we can leverage to recreate that moment again. We can use this opportunity to interact with the community, raise funds and finally utilize that fund to contribute to the community. For that we require support from all the members like before.. and we hope that we get it. 🙂
cheers and happy tihar!
do comment to keep the discussions going. The photographs of the blood donation program can be found on our facebook fan page by clicking this link.

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