Software Freedom Day this Saturday at Bhaktapur with Mastermind Studios

Linux Is About Imagination
– Bijay Raj Poudel

This saturday the much anticipated 9th Software Freedom Day is taking place worldwide.
We are happy to announce that in collaboration with a local technology company Mastermind Studios we will be co hosting the international festival at our locality. The event will incorporate introduction to the Open Source realm and introduce the community to different realms of the Open world and Free Open Source Softwares.
We will focus on fostering an Open Source generation and provide options for switching to the open source world. We will also carry on different programmes that day in order to promote the use and support of open source softwares. We are looking forward to reaching out local schools and community spots to gather audience and support for the event.
As of now, the community is reluctant towards technology, more on more the community is a rather hostile towards it when it comes to nurturing and embracing technology.

People will always fear what they do not understand and hate what they can’t conquer.
– Andrew Smith

We intend to erase this ignorance and replace it with an understanding the possibilities and advantages that the Open Source community has to offer. We hope that the people will realize that they have an option and that they do not need to rely on big corporate proprietary firms for commencing on their daily technological needs.

logoAlso, a member of our club Aniesha came up with this wonderful idea of running a Movie Exchange corner where people could come up with their secondary storages (external hard drives, pen drives etc) and exchange movies/other files that they own.

Following are a few links that you may want to check out:

We do sincerely hope to see you around on that day. If you have troubles finding the location please give event co-ordinator Arjan KC a call at 9849218745. If you have any suggestions. ideas of things that we could do on the day and things of that sort please do let us know. We will try our best.
Thank you for your love and support,
Its that what keeps us going! 🙂

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