Our #FillTheBucket campaign for the flood victims

The recent natural calamities hit Nepal hard this year. With landslides on the east and flood in the west the victims of these disasters are eagerly waiting for assistance. The government as we all know is quite reluctant in helping, also the opposition and parties complaining, creating tantrums and turmoils in the operations of the government make it no easier for the subsidiaries to be distributed.
Hence, it will be of no avail if we as a citizen do not come together to help our fellow brother and sisters. Thus taking this into consideration we as @chetansheelyuwa have put up collection for the donations to the flood victims in our community. Most people want to donate but are shy that their donation is insignificant, some are so very busy that they can not muster up the time required to get to the drop zones assigned by Bibeksheel Nepali for the #FillTheBucket challenge.
We made a poster that we will spread across the stores in the society.

We sincerely hope that the people in our society will respond to it and we can find some help for those people in the desperate need of our help.
These collections will be dropped to the drop zones as assigned for the #FillTheBucket challenge.
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poster for help

Our poster that we intend to get on the store walls of our community

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