My script on the street lamp introduction video

My name is Arjan, and I am a counsellor at Chetansheel Yuwa Samuha, a youthgroup focused on youth mobilization and community development. Recently, wehave come across a wonderful new project. In which me along with some of myfriends are assigned to design a suitable street lamp for the locality that we live in.

This video introduces you to the proposal of the projectallowing you, to recreate similar kinds of street lamps for your communitystreets. So… let’s begin…

A Street lamp is a light source, fixed on streets to allow pedestriansand vehicles alike to get a better sense of the street. This, being the primaryfunction of the construction, street lamps however serves other purposes too. Streetlamp installations can reflect the wellbeing and prosperity of the locality itis housed in. It also provides if not security at least a sense of calmness tothe residents. To a new comer in the area street lamps can prove to be ablessing and also, they represent residential areas and allow visibility,making it easier to maneuver during night time.

Technology that is available now has allowed design implementationsof smarter, energy efficient and automatic street lamps. The world has seensome examples of street lamp installations that run on solar power andcontribute the extra produced electricity to the city grid.

It however was not always like this.

There have had been different designs of street lamps. Theearliest ones must have been the oil wick ones. These lamps, once night hadcome, had to be lit manually. These installations required frequent refuelingand also were a bit of a pain to be lighting them also the wind would createproblems sometimes.

Along with the discovery of electricity, these kinds oflamps got replaced by electric bulbs. However, normal tungsten filament electricbulbs are not quite energy efficient, it is taken that around 80% of theelectricity consumed by electric bulbs go as a waste in the form of heat.

Then came the CFL bulbs, these Fluorescent lamps are notdesigned for outdoor use and thus when installed as street lamps, theirdurability decreases also the cost of deployment is quite high for CFLs ascompared to other lamps.3-street-lamps

Let me get back to our project, and now I would like to talkabout the proposed design.

First of all the technical details:

Our street lamp will have three components:

·        A step down transformer

·        A bridge rectifier

·        A lighting assembly (LEDs)

A step down transformer is required to step down the voltage. The mains carry a total of two hundred and twenty volts. The transformer gets this voltage down to twelve.

A bridge rectifier upon receiving twelve volts from the transformer steadies the current and also filters for some spikes if any.

And the lighting assembly coupled with reflectors light up the street.

Holder Design

The street lamp holder will feature a plastic covering. The main holder will be made out of plastic bottle that is cut into a cross section having a pocket for the transformer and rectifier. The holder will then be coupled to a pipe or a stick allowing it to be mounted on a wire pole or some similar structures that are at the vicinity of the streets.


Further details to the construction and the schema will be provided soon, please stay tuned and thanks for watching. Feel free to post in questions, comments or suggestion if any.

The first video on the series:

The second video on the series:

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