A day of work (cleaning our new work space)

Saturday. Most people have holiday and they were probably mostly sleeping.
The youths of Chetansheel Yuwa Samuha gathered in front of the newly acquired workspace and began collectively working to clean the space. The newly acquired space is a basement of one of the chetans whose parents were kind enough to rent us the space.
With help from our new landlady and respected Mrs Shrestha, we were able to clean up the mess that must have accumulated over the years. After being done with the cleaning dusting and brooming off the unwanted garbage out of the place most chetans present were famished by then.
cleaning toolsThe morning sun had come up and it was almost lunch time so people had to go their homes. As most of the cleanings were done, the works left on our todo lists were now furnishing and re-painting the walls. The paint job was a fun yet gross task. Dripping the paint almost everywhere we began the work. A roller and few brushes were used to accomplish the task.

As I myself had to go away on a training session  I had to however leave the spot before we fully completed the task. It was later known that we ran out of paint and hence the task still remains.
Anyways, kind chetan Miss Nutan invited us upstairs for tea. Actually we asked for the invitation. She has a nice dog named.. started with a B.. I forgot the name. My neighbour’s dog name is Bruno. It always confuses me, and that’s what striking me again and again. I will later let you know on the comments. 🙂
Yeah.. and the tea was great. The cup was beautiful and so was the poster that hung in a frame just behind where I was sitting. It featured Krishna, a hindu god dancing with his gopinis. It wasn’t much but was a painting nevertheless and had explicit details.
Kind Miss Nutan also gave us some tasty mangoes she said was from Kanchanpur. The mangoes though small in size inhibited characteristics of honey.. only sweeter and tastier. 🙂 Oh god.. how I love mangoes!
We disbanded and will meet again for a meeting, meanwhile if anything cool pops up, I will surely let you know. Meanwhile please subscribe our blog and like us on facebook. Stay tuned, stay informed.
Have a nice day.

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