Today’s chetansheel discussion session


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As always, today I was late for the meeting. I carefully parked the motorcycle outside of the compound and walked-in half full of shame and half full of excitement; as it had been quite too long since I last attended one of these chetansheel discussion sessions that we used to have.

images (3)The discussion sessions at Chetansheels’ gathering spot that is facilitated by kind Mrs Anupama Gurung are the best way to invest our time on. We often come up with wonderful ideas that inspire us and shed light into our core reason of establishment, empowering the youth and minimizing the communication gap. Since, the venue also happens to be the Happy Crayon kids’ wonderland. We are often found to be tinkering around with toys and colorful blocks that trigger our imagination.
1888694_647358571979501_1034034091_nThe place boasts of well ventilated rooms, well-furnished décor and prioritizes on intellectual growth. It has been a blessing for us and we will never be able to express how grateful we are to the Gurung family for providing us with the space and neither will we be able to repay the debt. It is always a mesmerizing moment to attend these Chetansheel discussion sessions.

So, there I was ready for another dose of Chetan-ess as I heard few mumblings from inside. Undoing my slippers with a haste since I was late already I had noticed a few slippers outside meaning maybe the meeting was still on and maybe I wasn’t that late. As I walked in everyone greeted me and were happy I was there. That is the part of the discussion session that makes me excited! It makes me feel that the fun has just started and had I come a little later, I would have missed it. Consoling myself that maybe I had not missed the dessert, I sat in for the awesomeness food for the brain party.

Our president Miss Anandeeta, was collecting information of our members that we intend to feature on our blog. Some are already posted and some will be added soon. It’s just a matter of time.

As she was doing that, I was creating a softcopy of the house rent agreement. The official document is in the Nepali language and has some words that we rarely use in speaking. That’s it with most documents in any language I guess… They have these weird structures and tenses. Probably it is to reduce ambiguity.

Meanwhile the discussion was raging. As it was a long time since the club members last gathered to discuss, we were quite excited to see each other. The topic would sway from the target to miles and miles off it and back again. It would amuse me a lot, maybe we haven’t lost our teenage charm, I don’t want to lose it either. Age turns most people into a boring old hag, I do not wish that to any of our dear members.

The discussion today mostly raged many different prospects and touched almost all topics the yuwa samuha has been involved in. Eating Litchies and Aarus thatMiss Gurung brought from her trip to Gorkha was an enjoyable moment. Also, not to forget Chetan Aviral’s frequent jokes. Chetan Sneha recalled the meeting about the sanitization awareness program that we intend to run pretty soon and Chetan Angela did help me with the Unicode typing as I was stuck with a few words. During the introduction writing for the blog I got to know that Chetan Pratibha loves adrenaline rushes, and that Chetan Sudip does PHP scripting.

It turned out I was not the last one to arrive. Few chetans came quite later than I did. Apparently they were having their evening snack, but it’s nice they decided to attend nevertheless. After they arrived the discussion went even merrier! We laughed, made jokes and then again came back to the issue.

It was getting dark. Too late already, after further discussions and more fun, someone decided it was time to go. Unanimously we agreed upon that but before we headed for home, there still was a task that was in front of us. We had to make a deal with the land lord, respected Mr. Shrestha, who also is also the father of Chetan Nutan. As I was just done with the typing and had placed placeholders for the deal to be sealed. We headed towards the house where we were planning to be stationed.

The meeting went well and Mr. Shrestha has promised to help us with anything that we need. Infact his wife Mrs. Shrestha also offered us many other goodies for our initial setup. After the generous and inspiring evening talk with Mr. Shrestha. We parted with an agreement that we would be there tomorrow evening to clean up the space that he was about to rent us.

Miss Nutan made a delicious hot tea and served us. It was really considerate of her. The puri that she brought was also amazing in its own accord. I do not recall having puri that had added essentials, like jeera. I am not quite sure what it was, but it did add to the flavor which would have otherwise been plain blunt flour and oil only.

Overall it was indeed an enjoyable evening. I had so much fun and maybe I forgot some that I should have mentioned. The blog post seems quite too very long already, so I reckon I should stop pretty any moment now. There are a few things that needs to be said though and it is that we did however miss, chetans that were unable to come and I am sure the fun would have quadrupled if we had them present. Brainstorming sessions do bring amazing new possibilities into light and it is of no confusion to anyone that we humans perform best when we are in teams, working for the wellbeing of others.

Thank you dear chetans for such a wonderful evening and for the ones that were unable to come, I hope to see you the next time. Thanks for reading till here, do post in your comments.

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